For a number of years, ever since the post war years when Model Railways started to evolve from the toy era into the sophisticated and highly detailed model railway world we know today, there have been railway modellers in Toowoomba.Read More

Train going over a truss bridge on the Drayton Valley.

For the most part, they were lone enthusiasts, gathering in small groups, and at times visiting each others homes, even forming larger groups such as the N-Track group which operated in 1987, but never, as far as can be ascertained, achieving formal club status.

It is from this, that there rose a need for a Model Railway Club to be formed in Toowoomba, and in April 1987, such a deed was done and the Darling Downs Model Railway Club Inc. (DDMRC Inc. for short) opened it's doors and has been growing ever since. Starting with a membership of close on 30 members, the club has had over the years a membership exceeding a hundred members.

GS4 going over a wood trestle on the Yangri Valley.DDMRC Inc. members come from all walks of life, vary from 8 year olds to adults of both sexes, including family groups, and hail from distant localities such as Brisbane, Roma, Dalby etc. we even have members interstate as well as overseas and of course a strong contingent from Toowoomba itself. The abilities of these folk as modellers vary from the "haven't got a clue" to the "been there, done that" brigade. The level of individual interest in the hobby varies from reading about it to total hands on involvement. As you can see then, you don't have to be an expert in anything to be a member of this club - just an interest in model railways (or railroads if you prefer) is all that is necessary.

Our club has one basic aim, that is, to promote this hobby. We do this by running exhibitions to entertain the general public and hopefully attract new members, and by providing facilities for club members to pursue their interests. The club gains it's income from very modest membership fees, displays and exhibitions, and this income is in turn used to rent club rooms, finance club layouts and produce a monthly magazine "TRAIN TALK" (that includes "how to" articles) free to members. The DDMRC Inc. is an associated, non-profit organisation, has a committee and runs general "get together's", along with various events.