The main N scale (160:1) layout located in the DDMRC clubrooms actually consists of three very distinct sections, we refer to them as ‘Districts’ when combined, and the whole layout is referred to as the “YANGRI VALLEY RAILROAD”, (pronounced why-angry). The name was derived from a suggestion of one of the members, we liked it, and it stuck.Read More

Looking down Yangri Valley Freight YardThis section encompasses a large permanent layout occupying an area of around 30ft x 25ft, there is a major freight terminal (YANGI FREIGHT YARD), incorporating an extensive steam/diesel locomotive depot, a passenger depot (YANGRI UNION STATION), industrial waterfront district (UNION WHARF) and a single track mainline that takes us from this area to the next division point “BADEN”.

Medical Centre at South BadenBaden is basically another stub-ended major yard (until the modular DualtraiN layout is incorporated, more on this later), trains can be switched in one of two yards at Baden with a connection to the mountain division being achieved (this takes us to yet another “District”).

For Open Houses the Yangri Valley is capable of being run as a continuous show loop, the mountain division is also able to be run independently as another continuous show loop, combined, we have an extensive railroad to run.

The Yangri Valley has suffered moving several times, but each time has seen it grow in size, the current room the layout occupies is 30ft x 60ft (10 x 20 metres) and although the Valley on its own doesn’t completely fill the space, once combined with the other Districts, there is not much room left.

Overview of the Rat Hole DivisionBased on the Norfolk Southern’s ‘Rathole Division’ from Oakdale, Tennessee, to Somerset, Kentucky, this layout was generously donated to the club. Originally a free standing exhibition layout, it has now been incorporated into operations as part of the Yangri Valley.

The Rathole has many scenic vista’s and is the farthest point from Yangri Freight Terminal when the layout is operated as ‘end-to-end’, for display purposes, the Rat Hole now forms part of the Mountain Division Show Loop.

Dodgy Duitsch's Diamante' MineAccess to the Rathole is via “hole in the wall” behind the township of ‘Girard’ which is situated on the Yangri Valley portion of the layout. The Rat Hole has a staging yard located at the rear, trains terminate here and the consists are broken up and delivered to local businesses and the major industry  "DODGEY DUITSCH’S  DIAMANTÉ MINE #3"

Going over Trestle bridge at Weston.This is where the real diversity of the N scale layout comes into effect, connected to the township of Baden and turning Baden yard into two through yards, the modular layout opens encompasses double track running and can increase the overall layout size a tremendous amount depending on just how many of the modules we incorporate.

Here is a brief description of the DualtraiN Division as presented to the public at exhibitions

“The DualtraiN Modular Concept was devised by members of the Darling Downs Model Railway Club Inc. to better suit their diverse interests.

Ghost Town of Weston.Modular layouts allow adaptation to different display areas and allow variation between different shows – DualtraiN takes the modular concept just a little further by allowing twice as many scenic options as well as freedom to model some specific scenes within the modular constraints.

We currently have over 20 metres of layout that we can display with the ability to show as little as 3 metres if a small space is to be catered for.

Many scenes and individual ideas of club members are evident on the DualtraiN modules and we feel certain that everyone viewing the layout will find something to their liking.

We have areas of animation, population and rural areas where sparse scenery abounds and the trains truly give the effect of going somewhere. This coupled with N scales ability to allow long prototypical length trains gives a sense of real railroading’s power to move merchandise and people over long distances”.

The DualtraiN Modular Layout has won the PEOPLES CHOICE BEST LAYOUT award at the Murwillumbah Model Railway and Hobby Show in 2002 and 2004

COMING UP, descriptions of the layouts and we will take you onboard for an exciting trip over the railroad. Make sure and come back often.