There are many methods to making trees, and the DDMRC has a member in its midst that makes Mother Nature work hard to make trees as good as he does, when we needed heaps of Pine Trees for the Z/Nn3 ZeNkeville layout, this member, Doug Clarkson, came up with an economical and easy technique that anyone can master.


Bumpy Chenille (available at craft shops in several colours)
Cheap No Name Hairspray or spray adhesive.
A good pair of scissors
A foam block (to stick the finished trees in while they dry)
Foliage, fine to medium, your choice of colour, brand etc
Container to apply foliage over (Chinese food container, ice cream container or similar, “not the wife’s good Tupperware though”).

You will notice the Bumpy Chenille is wound into four distinct sections, snip the bushy section at the top on each leaving a trunk at the opposite end.
Undercut the trunk end of the (we’ll call it a tree now) tree and trim the chenille from the trunk as close as possible, if you want to rough up the tree itself a bit to get rid of the evenness, now’s the time to do it.

Hold the tree by the trunk and spray with the adhesive or hairspray, then holding it over the container that you placed your foliage material in, (did I forget to mention that part, OK then, place your foliage material in the container, oops, better respray the tree, I think it dried out, oh well! Second time lucky) turn the tree as you sprinkle foliage on the wet spray.

Tap the tree gently while holding it over the container and then plant it in the foam block to dry. How easy was that!

Limitations do occur, the trees will be very similar in size and shape, you can vary the colour and even use a mixture of different colours, but for our purpose, or for quick, economical background trees, this method is a winner.

In the larger scales, these can make nice ornamental trees in a garden setting, or round the tops off and make them into bushes, use your imagination.

Video Added
As a complement to this article, a video has been added to the downloads area in the Hints & Tips section. To see how to make a pine tree in real time, please download this short video.