The Shed Is Up And Finished.

Around the middle of January, the club was informed that the shed would be delivered onto site on the 19th of January with construction starting shortly afterward. The shed was delivered, and the following day, the builders arrived, started work, and by the end of Tuesday had all the frames up and the cladding completed on the two sides. Wednesday saw the roof and the rest of the side cladding go on, and on Thursday they finished the shed by adding the trimmings. The builders were kind enough to hand the keys over to Ted at the completion allowing us to start on the next task which was to provide the power and lighting.

The shed at the end of day one.Ben tried to start the following afternoon by doing the trenching to get the electrical mains to the building but was rained out, and we had showers for the following week, and as such, that is still the only task left to complete the electrical side of things.

The shed finished and ready for landscaping.I started wiring the inside of the shed after I completed work on Wednesday 28th, and over the next week, wired the inside of the shed with lights, ceiling fans and power points. I have even installed the switchboard, power meter and circuit breakers. All that is left to complete the electrical, is two lights to put up on the front of the building, and the mains cabling and we will be in business. That should be completed this weekend.

A couple of other items that need to be done before we have our first event in our new Museum and Display is to lay some crusher dust on the ground in front of the entry to keep some of the mud and dirt at bay, and to install a new railway station type sign at the front of the building with the Club's name on it.

New sign at the new shed.Our first event to be held at this NEW VENUE will be our March Sale & Display. Click on the Latest Articles link on the left to view details about it.

On the 17th December 2008, we were advised that the concrete slab for the building was being prepared to be poured. This surprise phone call prompted a visit to the showgrounds where it was found that indeed prepared ready for pouring. The pouring of the slab occurred on the following day starting at 5:00am in the morning. This is a highlight in the progress of the construction as after numerous unfortunate delays nothing was expected to happen until the new year.

Ted in front of the slab.This is a milestone in the club's history and is something towards achieving our ultimate goal of a full model railway club facility. We now wait anxiously for the construction of the building.

Our primary goal at this stage is to present a display to the public at the 2009 Toowoomba Heritage Royal Show commencing on the 26th of March. This will require some dedication on the part of members. Fortunately we have the resources at hand and we have no doubt we will achieve this goal.

Along with this exciting news, is the fact that the showgrounds complex has at the same time undergone major roadworks, which has sealed the road in front of our new building. Other work in conjunction with this included electrical conduit being laid in advance of the road, major earthworks for the site courtesy of Sedl Earthworks, along with input from numerous contractors and businesses.

It is envisaged that the initial display will comprise operating layouts in HO, N and Z scales along with a small display of model rail museum pieces and items. We will keep you updated on the progress as it happens and an announcement of an official opening date will be advised closer to the opening.

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